Blogging How To: Blogs, Networks, and Everything in Between

Blogging How To: Starting a blog is similar to walking on a path that many others have already paved. While it may be a new experience for you, there are plenty of intrepid bloggers who have already ventured into this spectacular field. However, the best part so far is that you don’t need special skills to start a blog. But there are many features you need to take into account, valuable pieces of advice you can use before starting a blog, and even other bloggers willing to help you.

Here, networking is as important as finding a job. And sometimes, your blog is your job. This article will give you quick insight on how to create a successful blog, regardless of what “successful” may mean to you (it can be a money-maker blog, a well-defined niche one, or just a clean diary to write your deepest thoughts in). Let’s get started!

Get a fresh direction

You will not be the first blogger out there, so it’s only logical to think about finding a detour, a new path that will help you stand out from the crowd. First of all, define your target. Do you intend to give advice or information on a particular matter? Do you have a niche to focus on, or is it going to be a blog where you share your daily experiences with others just because you love writing? This first step is crucial; for starters, it outlines your direction; next, it might help take your blog to the next level in the future (yes, some bloggers earn up to $600000/month, as incredible as it may sound).

Narrow down your audience

If you plan to go on a road that has already been exploited (let’s say, for instance, a food blog), the best thing you can do is try and find a new angle, different from the one others have used. Maybe you can write about international cuisine and describe your culinary experiences from traveling abroad; this way, you narrow the subject down and clearly state who your audience is. And, as important as finding a new point of view, is that you really, really love what you’re writing about. Being enthusiastic is the key. Your readers will notice, and your writing will eventually pay off.

Communication is important

By “communication,” we mean keeping a good relationship with your readers and other bloggers. Of course, the latter is often the competition, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two from other experienced writers. Be open-minded; don’t close yourself in the pink, tiny bubble you’ve created around your blog. You want to raise awareness about your new project, and you definitely want people to notice your platform. And how exactly should you do that?

The answer may seem easier said than done: by creating an entire network to share your content on. Make your articles visible on multiple channels, and don’t limit yourself to the platform you’re using. Share it on social media and forums; create cross-promotions with bloggers who are interested in your type of content and who are exploiting adjacent fields. Of course, none of these strategies would make sense if you’d share deplorable content. Do not forget that, in the world of blogging, quality is as important as quantity.

Make it interesting

Your blog content should blend perfectly with the visual effects. Headlines are also important; it’s crucial that your readers know exactly what to expect in a specific article (so they can decide whether it’s of interest or not). Try making headlines as appealing as possible; use keywords to grab Google’s attention; but, of course, don’t try dangerous word combinations that are non-related to the topic just to make it look “wow”. In other words, don’t write “The End of the World is Coming” if your article is about how you became a shoe addict.

Finally, note that following all of these steps does not necessarily guarantee the success of your blog. But ignoring these essential tips won’t do your blog any good, that’s for sure. Stay creative, don’t be afraid to explore new ideas, look for ways to expand your network, and, most importantly, keep on trying.

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