A Flood-Scene English Essay

A Flood-Scene English Essay: “Floods are the wrath of Nature .”


This year I went to Jhansi. There I stayed for a week with my elder brother. When I reached there, the sky was clear and there were no clouds. The day was hot and the night was also not pleasant. But the next day it rained very heavily for three hours. So most of the buildings began to leak and there was a flood in the area.


The water level in the rivers rose very high. Chambal and Betava were in spate and the surrounding villages were under knee-deep water. There was water everywhere. There was loss of life and property in the area. People suffered very much.

I went to see the famous temple of Durga Mata. At that time I saw Laxmi Bai Market. It looked like an island. Rani Bagh looked like a tank. The river Kamapati was in spate. Its water entered the Public Inter College. Some people were busy in catching fish. Frogs were jumping here and there.

A Flood-Scene English Essay

Flood had created havoc:

Many houses fell down and were washed away by the flood water of the river. Bodies of cattle and children could be seen floating on the water. Some people who had climbed the tops of the trees were crying for help. All the fields with rich crops were also underwater. So there was a great loss to the farmers.

When we reached the temple of Durga Mata, we saw another sight. The water could not come here, as it was built on a high cliff. Many people had come here to take shelter. The whole of the temple was crowded with half-naked people.

Some kind-hearted rich people collected money and material, especially food packets, medicine, and clothes for these unfortunate people. But there was no arrangement of milk for small children and sick women. The government machinery also swung into action to provide relief. Army was called to save the flood-affected people.

Conclusion: (A Flood-Scene English Essay)

It was certainly a pitiable scene. There was havoc and ruin everywhere. It was the first time in my life that I saw such a great natural disaster.

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