How To Get Your Point Across And Captivate The Audience

It is always easy to lose something valuable for you, but to find it always seems quite a challenging task.

Have you ever put a remote or keys somewhere and have been groping around for a good hour or so? It takes a second to stash a thing somewhere, but it’s rather hard to find it later. Been there? I’m hundred percent sure that your answer is “yes”.

If so, you will definitely get the point about catching and retaining the audience’s attention. It easily vanishes into thin air like your keys, and when lost…it plays hard to get.

Let’s hit the road in search of this mythical creature – the audience’s attention. I’ll give you a guided tour of five top spots you always knew about but have never paid attention to.

Spot #1 – Catch the eye

Whether we like it not, eyes are the first channel in your audience’s body that renders the verdict. They decide whether your info should move further or not. If you can catch the viewer’s eye, you’re halfway there. So, take a close look at the image you are creating. You have got only 3 seconds to get your audience on the hook. Be it a live presentation or a blog post, the primary goal is to make a favorable impression.

’ll let you in on a story that will teach you a great lesson.

The room was fully packed with people waiting for a prolific speaker to give a lifetime speech. Their excitement hung in the air. Suddenly, but slowly, a woman appeared on the stage. She was hunching, her hands were trembling with fear, her head was so bowed down that her chin was almost touching the chest. The audience was puzzled and waited in suspense what’s going to happen next. After five minutes of her mumbling, half of the public was about to leave the room as the speaker definitely didn’t match their expectations. Out of the blue, the woman put her hands up in the V, cleared her throat and started her presentation in a powerful yet melodic voice.

Her trick vividly shows you how our appearance matters when it comes to the first impression. You can apply the same principles to writing and its visual presentation.

Spot #2 – Grab your audience by the throat

Having overcome the first point on our route, we are approaching the most decisive spot – grabbing your audience by the throat. The key is to be unpredictable and/or provocative. Your goal here is to take their breath away, and there are a few tricks to do it – give interesting facts, ask intriguing questions, tell a touching story that will leave your audience breathless for some time.

Spot #3 – Get them to listen

No matter how good you look, your story has to be well-planned, because the audience still wants to hear what they came for – the essence. Impromptu speeches work only in your dreams, so it’s always a good idea to structure your presentation. And don’t forget to stick to your core message. You may also embellish everything with facts, which will only add up to the whole impression.

Spot #4 – Move your hands

A picture in motion is always more attractive than a static one. Have you ever thought why the GIFs became so popular? Movements and gestures support your storyline, catch the eye, and make your presentation more visual. This way, you’re growing closer to your listeners and show that you’re one of them.

Spot #5 – Activate their brains and stay relevant

And the last on our route is the mental perception of what we hear. State your goals before the presentation. Ask yourself what message you want to get across and go straight to that goal. Give a gist of each section at the end of your presentation. And keep in mind – your public will remember only the last words you say.

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