Chicago Teachers Union strike on 1 April

The Chicago Teachers Union asked the government to close all the schools on 1 April as a protest against district officials. The president of the Union said that only 124 people from 486 members voted to support walkout over funding.

Public School officials in Chicago stated that this planned strike won’t be legal because it doesn’t correspond with the state-mandated process at all. Of course, Mayor Rahm Emanual called to cancel the strike and asked teachers to be at classes with their students whose number is pretty large.

Emanuel called the leadership of the Union to organize a round table. Teachers are supposed to teach students and there is nothing good if they leave schools and ask about 400 thousand of kids to skip classes.

The matter is that members of The Chicago Teachers Union were working without signing a new contract since June and they have rejected the deal offered in February. The reason for such decision was lack of services for particular students, inappropriate school conditions and even a fiscal crisis.

Both sides of this contract participants have all the chances to find a better solution if they join a negotiation table and stop undertaking unnecessary measures. It is the main idea represented by schools CEO. Everyone should focus on how to reach the agreement and there is no sense for illegal strikes because there are no guaranties it will lead to something positive. Teachers are not allowed to break the law; they should do what is required by their profession.

As there is a budget deficit and there is no state income for schools, teachers can’t stand for the contract they were offered and won’t support the necessity to take 3 days at their own expense in order to save money for the district.

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