• How to Use Content Marketing for Your Business 08.08.2016

    The increasing number of companies, both big or small, use content to market their business. Just look around in the web – words are everywhere and they are all trying to convince you to do something. Using your writing talent …

  • Methods of expressive means you need to know 02.08.2016

    You have most probably already heard or read about the types of expressive means at the language lessons at school. If you are a student of humanitarian studies, you will study them more profoundly. Professional writers and literature analyst get …

  • How To Get Your Point Across And Captivate The Audience 22.07.2016

    It is always easy to lose something valuable for you, but to find it always seems quite a challenging task. Have you ever put a remote or keys somewhere and have been groping around for a good hour or so? …

  • Graduate Work Submission Guidelines In The USA 22.07.2016

    As we all know, when a Master’s thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation is to be submitted at a graduation school, it should comply with certain requirements. If a thesis or a dissertation is submitted in the United States, the requirements …

  • The Simple Rules of Good Writing 22.07.2016

    The rules of good writing usually differ depending on the type of writing you are involved in, whether it’s marketing writing, essay writing, resume writing or probably book writing. But some general rules still remain the same as one factor …

  • The Most Important Stages of Foreign language Studying 12.07.2016

    Knowing an extra language is always a plus. Today, learning foreign languages is more important than ever. However, when we decide to start learning, a myriad technical and practical questions arise and get us lost and confused. There are a …

  • Blogging How To: Blogs, Networks and Everything in Between 12.07.2016

    Starting a blog is like walking on a path paved by many others before you. While it may be a new experience for you, there are plenty of intrepid bloggers who have already ventured into this spectacular field. However, the …

  • 5 Steps to Finding a Job Right After Graduation 08.07.2016

    The race for the first job after graduation is always challenging. What worked for your parents and grandparents in the past is not something you need to rely on today. Then what if you are not ready for post-graduate life? …

  • Chicago Teachers Union strike on 1 April 27.03.2016

    The Chicago Teachers Union asked the government to close all the schools on 1 April as a protest against district officials. The president of the Union said that only 124 people from 486 members voted to support walkout over funding. …

  • Graduation rates for black students have risen for the last several years 25.03.2016

    Based on a report, public colleges have improved graduation rates for the last 10 years, but it doesn’t mean that the gap between black and white students exists no longer. 232 public colleges were analyzed, but in each of them …

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